About Us
Since its establishment, FORGAME has been committed to building an internationally renowned E-sports products brand which including computer case, power supply, water cooling, headset and other E-sports products. As a well-known brand in China, we have independent product R&D team and developed many excellent products. For overseas market, our products are sold well in more than 30 countries and regions around the world with the advantage of high quality and competitive price. Our diverse product design and different product series can meet the needs of players at all stages of the world.
The Iforgame brand has hundreds of excellent agents and distributors across the country, and its products meet the needs of players at all stages. Every year, we participate in various international exhibitions such as Taipei Computer Show, Hong Kong Electronics Show, Germany CEBIT Electronics Show, and American CES, and release high-end new products. Diversified product design and various product series can meet the needs of players at all stages around the world.
Development Path
Year 2011
In April, the first news about the Iforgame was revealed in Zhongguan cun, opening the road to branding In November, the Iforgame Power Supply Red Star series came out, and the brand entered the field of power supplies. In November, the game Titans Blade 1 chassis was released, creating a classic case of the explosive Iforgame. The Blade series became the trump card series in the Iforgame, and the Blade 1 also became the annual product of the year.
Year 2013
In September, Blade 3 came out, more game elements were integrated into the product, and it became the 2013 product of the year. · In November, the blade series was favored by the whole machine e-commerce. During the Double 11 period, Iforgame stood out among major electromechanical brands and became the choice of 80% of the best-selling consoles on Double 11 that year, realizing the ultimate dream of a DIY brand. · In November, Iforgame launched the 90 magic system power supply, covering all the main power segments of the 80+ gold and platinum medals, and successfully occupied 50% of the mining machine market share.
Year 2016
· Iforgame launched the high-end flagship brand FORGAME. The brand extends from domestic to overseas, looks at the world, interprets the latest global technology in products, and creates a new product concept of DIY peripherals. · FORGAME Honor chassis is launched, with dual systems and dual power supplies, super three-dimensional heat dissipation module air duct, innovative structural design, and feeling the power of heavy metal games. · In February, the Iforgame Tmall flagship store was established to consolidate the JD flagship store and strengthen the e-commerce pattern of Game Titans · In June, China Taipei COMPUTEX Exhibition, Iforgame appeared in costumes · In July, at CHINAJOY Exhibition in Shanghai, China, Iforgame fully integrated into popular domestic games
Year 2018
In March, Iforgame yuan hardware frame chassis continued to deepen, and the four-sided glass chassis mainly based on Realm 1 brought a new visual experience. · In May, the new office of Iforgame located in Yingbin Avenue, Huadu District was completed. · In June, Iforgame participated in Computex Taipei for 6 consecutive years. The four-sided glass chassis, full-module custom wire power supply and RGB fan lighting effects shined brilliantly at the exhibition. · In October, Iforgame participated in Global Sources Hong Kong Autumn Fair. The Super Series power supplies are a big hit. · In November, Iforgame Super Gold Medal and Super Bronze Medal were officially launched, which greatly increased the market attention. · In December, Iforgame mirror world chassis and super power supply won the title of annual media selection product.